Business Services

We offer excellent translation and editing services to businesses

I need editing or proofreading for my reports, memos, manuals, marketing materials, press releases, or other business documents. Our Editing experts will put their extensive experience to work on your behalf and edit your Website, newsletter, business plan, report, or press releases. You will appreciate our comprehensive edit services and specialized business proofreading where we conduct an exhaustive grammar check with each document we review. Our editors and proofreaders are experts at providing help with English and several are also experienced at legal proofreading, including supplier and customer contracts.

  • Confidentiality Is Assured

Our approach:

  • IJExperts will match your paper to two translators and a skilled editor
  • Will make sure that your work free of any error

Quality guarantee:

  • If you are not satisfied, a second round of translation and/or edit will be provided for FREE

Our prices for business people:

Standard (3~4 weeks) Express (1~2 weeks)
Translation with editing $0.1/word $0.2/word
Editing only $0.07/word $0.1/word
Figures formatting $20.00/figure $25.00/figure
Legend and reference formatting $20.00 $25.00
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