U.S. Universities Admissions: Consulting for International Students

Navigating the U.S. universities’ application and admissions process can be both challenging and confusing for international students and their families. IJ Experts’ team (fluent in both French and Arabic) has worked with international students from the Middle East,  Asia and Africa on an individual, one on one basis to make the admission process easy and smooth and help them successfully complete the application process.

JI Experts, with an extensive experience in international admissions and strong understanding of the U.S. college system, works with each student via various means of communication (email, phone and teleconferencing) to identify and apply to colleges that fit them and complete the process from start to finish. JI Experts services include:

  • Provide a review of the Admissions Process
  • Explain how higher education works in the U.S
  • Develop a list of colleges that fit the students’ needs and profile.
  • Recommend academic programs and extracurricular activities important for the admission decision (the student needs to contact us early enough to benefit from this service).
  • Assist in the completion of the college application.
  • Review and provide analysis of required documentation (test scores TOEFL- ACT, SAT, transcripts, recommendation letters, personal statements) as well as the student’s extracurricular activities, and talents.
  • Perform mock interviews (interviews are required by some U.S. colleges).


In addition to the services listed above, we also have the expertise to work with you on English as second language programs, summer study programs, college visits and much more.

It is very important for international students to start the U.S. college admission process as early as possible.  We recommend that students start working with us in their first or second year of high school to get a head start in this complex process.

Contact us today to get the help and support you need to apply and secure your admission to U.S. universities

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